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From July 26, 2017, Pride Films and Plays, Chicago

Directed by Iris Sowlat


Whitney Pipes    as    Crystal,    Rose,    and    Caller    4
Anna Wolfe    as    Sunny    and    Jane    4   
Chloe Bluml as Judith, Jane 5, and Caller 1
Khloe Janel    as    Micki,    Jane    1,    and    Radical Woman 1
Amber Snyder    as    Heather    and    Protester    1   
Erin Caswell as Jane 3, Nancy, Patient, and Protester 3
Shannon Leigh Webber as Jody and Caller 2
Kaitlin Stewart as Ruth, Caller 3, and Playwright
Zach Hebert as Reverend, Dr. C, Doctor, Lawyer, and Radical Man
Lyla Whedbee    as    Lorry,    Jane    2,    and    Radical    Woman    2   
Caitlin McManus as Protester 2, Patient, Medical Supplier, and Investigator


Recorded by Laurie Little of the Chicago Women's History Center