HER WAY: Young Women Remake the Sexual Revolution


  • THE NEW YORK TIMES (1-28- 2001) calls Her Way "an exhaustive and complex survey of what young women want...Reading it is an education. And now we know at least some of what educated women stand to gain....Statistics and interviews Kamen has chosen to highlight are at times startling.” NEW YORK TIMES EXCERPT of “Super Rats” chapter about new breed of young women.
  • MOLLY IVINS syndicated column on Her Way (3-27- 2001)
  • CHICAGO TRIBUNE book cover review (1-7- 2001): Her Way is "a refreshingly cant-free survey of...the remaking of the sexual revolution...Kamen offers lucid analyses of the changing content and understanding of 'sex.'
  • PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (10-30- 2000): "With intelligence and flair, Gen-X feminist, journalist and playwright Kamen presents an exhaustive study of the sexual mores of the women in her generation....Critical yet nonjudgmental, Kamen's lively book is a welcome primer on contemporary sexual ethics. Bolstered by an author tour that will push her visibility beyond academic circles, it's sure to be a hit."
  • BOOKLIST (December 15, 2000) describes the book as "insightful... compelling...A provocative look at changing female sexuality 24 years after The Hite Report.
  • MS MAGAZINE (January 2001): "Kamen chronicles the complex ways young women understand and experience sexuality today...Kamen concludes, rather convincingly, that young women are finally beginning to make their own rules."
  • NEW: USA TODAY: (October 23, 2016) Interviewed by Alia Dastigar in, “What our reaction to Miley Cyrus says about the future of gender"


“It’s about time! Read this book.”

-Shere Hite, author of THE HITE REPORT

"At last, the torch has been passed! Paula Kamen follows women's struggle for sexual pleasure and self-affirmation into a new generation-- and finds it healthier and more vibrant than ever. Young women will be fascinated by HER WAY. Older ones will be amazed."

-Barbara Ehrenreich

“At last, a book about young women’s sexual behavior that’s actually written by a young woman! Paula Kamen documents women’s sexual truths without judgement – and more important – without all the wrongheaded, double-standard- laden assumptions that all too often plague writing on this topic. Kamen brings the focus back where it should be: on women’s own views, rather than others’ views of them.”

–Lisa Miya-Jervis, Bitch Magazine