Jane: Abortion and the Underground


Jane Play requires no fee for pro-choice fundraisers

When abortion was illegal 45 years ago...

... thousands of women in Chicago knew whom to call for help: Jane, the legendary feminist abortion service.

From Kim Wilson, Chicago Reader: “Everyone – but women especially – should hear this story.”

Recommended for college students by Annika Speer, director of UC-Santa Barbara event: “It was an excellent way to get university students involved." Read more

From 1969 to 1972, women who ran “Jane” were mostly unassuming: college students, “hippie housewives,” and antiwar activists. But they led extraordinary double lives, running the most active underground abortion service in modern history, the one safe alternative for about 11,000 women from all backgrounds.

Choice of three formats available with diverse and strong roles for young women, including 2-hour 2019 version, student-adapted one-hour monologues-only version and half hour of scene excerpts for cast of 4.)

(Jane illustration above based on graphic from 20% Theatre Company, for 2006 production.)

For more info or to obtain a script

Contact playwright Paula Kamen at paulakamen[at] or order here. Also available through the National New Play Network

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