Featured Book for Lectures: All in My Head

All in My Head is a black comedy, a candid memoir and an informed journalistic report. It’s about my often absurd struggles to try to cure (but ultimately manage) one long 15-year migraine (now diagnosed as “chronic daily headache”), through odysseys through the extremes of both Western and alternative medicine.

Meanwhile, the book stops to address different “big picture” issues involved, such as framing chronic pain as a “women’s issue.” This book is the first one written on “chronic daily headache,” a constant or near-constant headache, that affects about 4-5 percent of the population (and about 10 percent of women of childbearing age).

SALON.COM (4-05): “Her book connects the dots on this issue of women and chronic pain in a way nobody else has done.” 

THE WOMEN’S REVIEW OF BOOKS (5-06) describes the book as “exhaustively researched, comprehensive in its cultural analysis, effectively organized, engagingly written, and, well, a riot.”

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